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Kaos Tees Kantong Atasan Unisex Danman Oversized Style Original

Rp 250.000
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KategoriAtasan Wanita, Fashion Pria, Fashion Wanita, Pakaian Pria, Pakaian Wanita, T-Shirt Pria
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Kaos Tees Kantong Atasan Unisex Danman Oversized Style Original

Danman Oversized Tee with Plastic Pocket
Fabric: Heavy Cotton 16s
Pocket: Exclusive Neon Nylon

Size Chart:
Size S
Lingkar badan 102 cm
Panjang baju 64 cm
Panjang tangan 22,5 cm

Size M
Lingkar badan 104 cm
Panjang baju 66 cm
Panjang tangan 24,5 cm

Size L
Lingkar badan 106 cm
Panjang baju 68 cm
Panjang tangan 26,5 cm

Size XL
Lingkar badan 108 cm
Panjang baju 70 cm
Panjang tangan 28,5 cm

Colour: Salmon with Orange pocket, Salmon with Blue pocket, Arabian Spice with Black pocket

Kaos Tees Kantong Atasan Unisex Danman Oversized Style Original

Berat200 gram
Kondisi Baru
Dilihat 1.455 kali
Diskusi 106 komentar
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